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About Jay

                                                                             Jay is an award winning juried artist member of the Cape                                                                                Cod Art Center. As an active member of the Yarmouth                                                                              Art Guild and the Monday Painters, she regularly exhibits                                                                                in their art shows. Her paintings are in homes in Canada,                                                                                  New England and all along the East Coast. Two of her                                                                                      works were chosen to be featured on menus at the Daniel                                                                                Webster Inn in Sandwich.


                                                                             Jay's artistic expression began with fabric as her medium

                                                                             in clothing design and quilting. She transferred her love of      color to watercolor painting when she moved to Cape Cod. Jay captures the beautiful light of the sand,          sky and water with a gentle style that is calm and soothing. She has studied with numerous artists and          continues to experiment with capturing the essence of Cape Cod.


     Like most artists, Jay felt the need to expand into a different medium, hence her works in acrylics . Her acrylics have similar qualities as her watercolors but are evolving as she learns. Whatever the medium, Jay loves to paint.

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